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How can buing trees online help prevent hunger and poverty in East Africa?

Better Globe is an internationally growing Norwegian company dedicated to eradicating hunger and poverty in East Africa through tree planting in arid and semi arid land, by supporting the education of children and by helping farmers improve their income through sustainable development. This social commitment is secured through the company Better Globe Forestry Ltd. in Nairobi, Kenya, which is responsible for all local activities.

Better Globe’s green initiative is based on profitable and socially responsible business principles. Their strategy of selling trees online enables you to help reduce desertification, hunger and poverty in Africa through buying trees and Donation Packages online, both of which are long-term profitable for the buyer.

Learn how you can contribute to social change in Kenya through social entrepreneurship that resembles a mix of crowdfunding and social impact investing. African leaders are positive to Better Globe's approach because it brings foreign social investments that create a unique win-win-win situation where nobody is left out. Foreign impact investments are in big part responsible for the economic growth many African countries have seen the last decade. China is so far the greatest foreign contributor to the economic development, but with Better Globe we can all do our part while becoming stakeholders the tree plantations.

Visit our green web portal to learn more: www.BetterGlobeTrees.com

Better Globe's goal and vision

The mission of Better Globe Forestry is to make Africa a greener, healthier place in which to live and eradicate poverty by focusing on the development of profitable, commercial tree plantations that will deliver environmental as well as humanitarian benefits.

The main focus areas for Better Globe are tree planting, agriculture and education.

To have the desired impact and plant at least 1 tree for every person on earth Better Globe needs people like YOU to take action. They need inspired souls that are willing to take a new direction and that are willing to invest in social change to help others. Most people would agree that we should make the world a better place. But how often do we actually do something to that effect?

This is your opportunity to invest in somebody else’s wellbeing and our environment. We encourage YOU to help East African countries reduce poverty by becoming a Better Globe customer or business partner today.

Better Globe's 3 major focus areas in Africa

Better Globe and tree planting:

Tree planting is vital to prevent desertification, which continues to be a serious and growing challenge in Africa, Asia and South America. In Africa poor farmers are struggling to feed their families while farmable land could diminish by up to two thirds the next 20 years. Only tree planting can prevent this development. On the African continent many foreign tree planting companies are taking up land that could have been used for food production. Better Globe is committed to plant in more difficult and semi-arid areas to ensure food production increases. These forests will prevent erosion, desertification, create a better local climate for poor farmers and help them increase their food production. Large scale tree planting also has a positive effect on the global environment.

Tree planting will in future enable Better Globe to offer quality wood from sustainable forestry without depleting natural resources. Harvesting of sustainable natural resources will create jobs, income opportunities and economical development as local supporting industries are created. Note that most trees will be planted to prevent desertification and help local farmers. Only owner trees bought by investors will be harvested. In Africa today only 1 tree is planted for every 28 that is cut. You can now help Better Globe significantly change this tragic depletion of natural resources and fertile soil.

Tree planting in Africa has simply too many positive ripple effects for us to go into here, please contact us if you want to learn more about the importance of trees.

With your help Better Globe aim to plant 5 billion trees by the end of 2026.

Better Globe and agriculture:

Today 80% of Africa’s population consists of poor farmers, and according to Global Policy Forum International, aid to the African agriculture was cut in half during the period of 1990 to 2000. The World Bank has confirmed the link between agricultural growth and the reduction of poverty. With 1% increase in agricultural investments, 2 times the increase in income is generated compared with the same investment in the Service Sector.

Better Globe’s strategy is to fight poverty in Africa by helping poor farmers to earn more money. Incorporated in this strategy are training farms where water management and different farming techniques will be taught to further help poor farmers. And in 2009 Better Globe are opening a Micro Finance Bank. Through the Micro Finance Bank small loans to poor farmers can help them increase their profits. After a while the farmer will be able to pay back the loan. Micro Financing is a very efficient way to give people aid to become self-sustained. Experiences show that nearly 100% of the loans are paid back.

By 2026 Better Globe aim to operate the world’s largest Micro Finance Bank, with focus on helping poor farmers.

Better Globe and education:

Numbers from UNESCO suggest that 1.3 billion people are living on less than US$ 1 a day and the number is rising. People living on less then $2 a day is estimated at a devastating 2.6 billion people! It is only by teaching young people how to be self-sustained that it’s possible for them to break free from the humiliating poverty. Education holds the key to reduce poverty and achieve welfare. UNESCO continues by stating that no country has had any success without first educating its people. Better Globe has chosen education as one of 3 focus areas because education is vital to the development of a self-sustained Africa free of poverty.

Better Globe are supporting NGO Child Africa.org with donations and Child Africa has started building schools in Africa that also incorporate deaf children. The charity organization Child Africa was founded in 1991 by Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg and his wife Julie Solberg.

Child Africa was presented at the official opening of the www.spreadthesign.com project attended by Queen Silvia of Sweden, the Swedish Education Minister and other prominent guests. You can see the presentation that also gives thanks to Better Globe for economical support to build Child Africa schools. Child Africa is also gaining media recognition for the important work in Kabale. Read the article about Child Africa in Kabale.

Better Globe is also focusing on the challenging fight against corruption by donating their book “Put Integrity First” to schools and universities all over Africa. "Put Integrity First" was written by Rino Solberg and integrity is in fact thought as a subject in Child Africa’s schools, because it has to begin with the children for the situation to change. Today corruption is a constant challenge that is greatly undermining future development in Africa. Read more about Child Africa.

By 2026 Better Globe’s goal is to build more schools in Africa than any other single organization has done before.

Making the Better Globe vision a reality through sustainable “charity”

Better Globe has realized a truth put forward by the CEO of The Shell Foundation Mr. Kurt Hoffmann in an article in Newsweek 5th of September 2005. Mr. Hoffmann explained in Newsweek that business activities in thousands of small and large enterprises are the recipe to generate the money needed to help those in poverty. The combined money from all of the world’s aid organizations is simply not enough. The fact is that people have donated money to fight poverty in Africa for decades, but poverty in Africa has only increased.

The critics of how Africa is being helped often claim that we are making the situation  worse, and sometimes on purpose. Popular conspiracy theories suggest that we are not really trying to help because it means we would lose the economic benefits of cheap labour, cheap commodities, cheap raw materials and so on
(Story of Stuff talks about this from the consumers prospective).  It seems we might have to give up a part of our wealth and increasingly materialistic lifestyle for Africa to break free from poverty. Can this really be true, or are more beneficial alternatives being overlooked?

Better Globe want to fight poverty effectively over time, which means supporting poor farmers in Africa based on business principles and profit. The poor are learning how to earn needed income, and those helping are making money in the process. Aid alone has over the decades proven insufficient in reducing poverty found in Africa. A global movement is needed where money is being made in both ends while preserving natural resources and preferably the environment. With this strategy ending poverty in Africa can become a reality through a unique win-win-win solution that you are invited to take part in!

African leaders have long stated that they want their countries to become self sustained. They prefer money through foreign investors and not through charity alone. Leaders in Africa realize that they still need money and support from aid organizations to keep people from dying. Their expressed appeal however, is that Africa must attract more foreign investors that can help create sustainable economic growth. Joining Better Globe is your opportunity to help Africa with education, preventing desertification and hunger, and what African leaders say they need the most; sustainable economic growth.

The culmination of Better Globe’s strategy to end poverty in Africa and the understanding of underlying business principles gave birth to the catchphrase: “Doing Good AND Making Money ”

Doing Good AND Making Money

In accordance with the business principles outlined by African leaders and CEO of The Shell Foundation, Better Globe have launched 3 attractive ways to support their effort in the eradication of hunger and poverty. We hope that you are ready to participate in at least one of the 3 programs listed below. Your contribution will have an immeasurable effect on the lives of those who need it the most in Africa. How ready are you to make a difference together with Better Globe by embracing the concept of Doing Good AND Making Money for Africa?

1. Better Globe Donation Member:

When you are buying a Donation Package (cost €53) every month, you are supporting Child Africa’s important work with children and the building of new schools. Another part of the money goes to the Micro Finance Bank program to support poor farmers with microcredit. Your Donation Package also includes 4 Better Globe trees and 500 liters of water donated to help poor farmers. Out of the 4 Better Globe trees 2 are donated in Africa to stop desertification, erosion, hunger, poverty and to stimulate local economic growth. The reaming 2 Better Globe trees are planted to give you profit. Over the next 20 years you will receive a minimum of close to 5 times the whole Donation Package payment in return. And during this period your trees provide jobs, protection against erosion, protection against desertification and many other benefits.

You also have the option to invest in extra trees at €17 per tree with a guaranteed return of at least 11 times initial investment over 20 years. Contact us for more information about becoming a Donation Member and how you can make an income helping Better Globe to stop hunger and poverty in Africa. More information and presentations here: www.providehelp.com

2. Better Globe Ambassador:

By signing up as a Better Globe Ambassador you also become active in the donation program. Better Globe Ambassadors can make money doing good by inviting Donation members and other Ambassadors to Better Globe. An additional investment / purchase of 10 trees extra once a year also gives you the right to sell trees to individuals who want to invest in Better Globe trees.

We invite you to start Doing Good AND Making Money with Better Globe and to help reduce poverty and hunger in Africa. More information: www.ProvideHelp.com

3. Better Globe Investor
(Buy tree option for tree investors):

This is for everyone who does not want to participate in the Better Globe donation program and prefers to be a tree customer. As a customer there is no start package fee (€65) and no income opportunity besides the profits of your own investments. Everyone is welcome in Better Globe and every tree counts!

As a customer you can at any time by Donation Packages or trees as you please and even upgrade to become a Better Globe Ambassador. Contact us for more information about investing in trees with Better Globe: www.BetterGlobeTrees.com

Making a difference for a Better Globe

Unfortunately many people fail to recognize that one person can make a difference. How big a difference is completely up to each and every individual, and that includes you! You decide exactly how much you want to influence your surroundings. You might not always get what you want straight away. But history is undeniable proof that people with enough determination either accomplish their goals, or inspire someone else to. Better Globe is no different and the determination is already there, if something is missing it is your participation. How can we bring you on board?

Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg

Rino is a successful trainer / speaker, business consultant and an international entrepreneur who has built businesses in many countries. Rino has been in Uganda nearly every year for the past 15 years and has obtained good contacts with many of the ministers, and personally knows many of the government officials in the country, as well as many of the top leaders in private businesses. He was first invited by the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, to help the first Ugandan companies to get their ISO 9000 Quality System Certification. Through the years more than 85 Ugandan companies has been ISO 9000 certified with the help of Rino Solberg and his company Total Quality Management Ltd.

Rino is also an author of eight books in the areas of personal development and human relations and has produced several training courses within the same areas. His last book is called “Put Integrity First” and is an important Better Globe contribution to prevent corruption in Africa. His main interest is to "help people help themselves", and this is also the main purpose of the child charity organization, Child Africa. Rino and his wife Julie Solberg opened Child Africa as a non-profit organization in 1991.

Below you can see a 10 minute special TV report about Better Globe on a Ugandan morning show from January 2010 where Rino Solberg, Chairman and CEO of Better Globe Group, was interviewed: See the TV clip here!

Your help and support is invaluable in the important fight against hunger and poverty. Better Globe is totally dependent on people like you getting involved in order to fulfil their ambitious and honourable vision. Are YOU ready help Better Globe stop hunger and poverty in Africa through tree planting by investing in and / or donating Better Globe trees?

Help Africa today, buy trees at: www.providehelp.com

Learn more about the business opportunity: www.BetterGlobeTrees.com!

Email me: [email protected]

The content of this page has been audited and exclusively approved by Better Globe




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Why plant trees?
In the future we will have to realize that the world's rainforests are not an unlimited supply of firewood, building material and exotic furniture. Timber from sustainable forestry will be in high demand and probably an increasingly valuable commodity, making it all the more a better green investment. And let us not forget that planting trees is investing in the future of our children. Tree planting is the best known way to prevent erosion and desertification, which is a constant threat to Africa's suffering soil fertility.
Trees also create economic growth through harvesting of sustainable natural resources (fruits, medicine, replacement of chemicals, etc) and development of supporting industries.
Planting trees is crucial to Africa's food production and the best known way to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!

How can I help Africa and Better Globe?
You can help Better Globe stop hunger and poverty in Africa with very little effort, time and expense. By becoming a Better Globe tree investor you'll actually help poor families in Africa and make a profit. Your first step is to learn more about Better Globe; read through this page. The next step is getting involved and spreading the word. And in Better Globe; the more you give, the more you in turn receive! Sign up today on my Better Globe affiliate site, help us make a difference: www.providehelp.com

Better Globe CEO
Rino Solberg is the CEO of Better Globe. He has over 15 years of experience form Uganda and a good understanding of african culture and business. Rino was invited to help the first Ugandan companies to get their ISO 9000 Quality System Certification.

The Story Of Stuff
From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives, useful or not, affects communities at home and abroad. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute; fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns.
The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. This movie will teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.

Being successful
Allot can be said about being successful. One advice that keeps coming around is to always focus on something that is bigger than you. Being motivated from just trying to improve your own situation without serving others, is usually deemed as insufficient by most mentors, life coaches and motivational speakers. A similar popular advice that keeps coming around in the business world is to always be in it for others, "the customer". This is implying that you can only become truly successful by helping other people first.
These guidelines are two of the most recognized cornerstones of success, both in business and personal affairs. Given that this is true, and the fact that Better Globe is all about helping those in Africa who need it the most; how do you see your potential for "success" with the Better Globe organization?

Preventing hunger in Africa with spirulina
Since 1986, Re-Vita have donated over $40 million worth in spirulina enriched natural food products to hungry children, particularly in Africa. A company that takes a different approach is Antenna Technologies. See the movie
called “A sustainable approach
to combat malnutrition” at their website: www.antenna.ch

An investment that keeps growing!
As financial markets have been through a worldwide collapse, trees have not taken much notice of all the fuzz. And did you know that during the years of 1973 to 2002, managed timber gave about 15% annual returns as an investment, while stocks gave a return of 11% in the same period? (Reference: www.htrg.com)