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Why Better Globe and Sustainable “Charity”?

Better Globe has coined a new and hard hitting slogan for their vision in Africa: The World’s Best Sustainable “Charity” based on profitable business ventures.

Here we will briefly explain what sustainable “charity” really means. Learn why you should consider Better Globe as a preferred organization to make a difference in Africa through profitable business ventures.

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The uncertainty of charity and donations

All over the world when charity is mentioned, people ask many different questions, often similar to these:
“Does the money I give reach the poor people in need?”
“How much is being used on administration fees?”
“How can I know that the money I give get there?”
“Is it not eaten up by corruption anyway?”
“Isn’t it just a waste of money?”

In fact, people have good reasons to ask these very questions. It is a well accepted truth, even in the majority of the big and well known charities today;
most of the money is simply NOT GETTING THERE.

In order for any of the donated money to reach the end user, all big and well meaning charity organizations MUST spend most of the money in administration.
Every organization has to hire good and competent people who are well-paid and also have to travel a lot
to do their job, which is necessary. These activities COST MONEY and that money will have to be deducted from whatever is “donated” to the charity organization.

On top of that, in every country where help is needed, corruption works like a cancer and a lot of money is
lost in more ways than one. To make the list complete, charity workers are normally NOT business people, with a mind of sustainability in what they do, even though they often like to think so.

To prove this, let us ask ONE SIMPLE QUESTION:
“What if all donors stop giving money to a charity today, what will happen to the organization tomorrow?”

The answer is:
“The charity will go bankrupt or have to close up”.

The reason being:
“There is no sustainability in any charity organization, which is totally based on donors funding”.

On the other hand, if charity was based on profitable and sustainable business ventures, which could
GIVE BACK some profit to the donors as a sort of “return on investment” (ROI), the charity itself would quickly become sustainable. This has proven to be the case in some microfinance banking, which is well known for success rates of more than 97%.

Better Globe - A new way of giving!
The World’s Best Sustainable “Charity” based on profitable business ventures

Better Globe has created a new holistic way of giving which they have called: "The World’s Best Sustainable “Charity” based on profitable business ventures". The Better Globe profitable business venture is based on a new socially responsible green investment approach.

No other charity concept does so much good for so little and on top of that: Earns you 6.5 times more money than what you contributed with in your donation!

This way, everybody can afford to help prevent poverty in Africa and help save the environment at the same time. Everybody can keep on doing this for the rest of their life, because they get a good interest on the money every time they give their support through Better Globe.

Here are some of the good things you are able to do through Better Globe's socially responsible green investment "charity":

1. Through tree planting you help fight global warming and help save both the local and global environment.
2. Give work to poor people on the plantations.
3. Give poor farmers in dry areas much needed water.
4. Help poor farmers sustain and improve their living through microfinance loans.
5. Give poor children food, education and a future.


On a monthly basis you buy a “Better Globe Donation Package” at only € 53, which includes:

a) 2  Donation Trees, which you donate to poor farmers and underprivileged communities through Better Globe.
b) 500 litres of clean water, delivered directly to poor farmers and communities through Better Globe. 
c) € 1.50 is given directly to Child Africa for school building and education of children.
d) € 1.50 is given directly to microfinance banking and loans to assist poor farmers with productivity.
e) 2  Better Globe Trees, which you own for 20 years and earn very good interests on.

The administration of these donations are done FREE by Better Globe and are documented with write ups, photos or video so you can see what is done yourself.

How good is the "charity saving program”?

If you buy ONE “Better Globe Donation Package” every month for one year, you have paid a total of € 636 over the whole year and obtained a total of 24 trees that you profit from. At the end of the 5th year, and the following 14 years, you will get paid 15% interest each year (= € 61.2) based on the total of € 408 (trees are valued at € 17, and € 17 X 24 = € 408), which was the price of the 24 Better Globe trees you have bought the first year (through your 12 Better Globe Donation Packages).

After 20 years, when your trees are fully grown, you will get minimum € 170 per tree, a total of € 4080 for 24 trees. This is IN ADDITION to the 15% interest you got on your trees over the last 15 years.

This all totals to a minimum of € 4998. Deduct the buying price of € 636, and you have the rewarding sum of € 4362 IN MINIMUM PROFIT on the 12 Donation Packages you purchased during your first year.

If you continue with your donations every year, € 4362 is the minimum profit you will have every year after the 20th year. Imagine what could happen if you buy MANY Better Globe Donation Packages each month, or if you invest in Better Globe Trees on top of your donations?

This is called “Doing Good AND Making Money” through socially responsible green investments!

Better Globe consider this to be the best way to give sustainable help to Africa in the long run, by basing all help on sustainable and transparent development of socially responsible business. This will truly give long term help and sustainability to the big numbers of poor farmers on the African continent. Eventually poverty will be eradicated for all the farmers you, me and Better Globe are able to reach out to. Some of the long term effects for Africa are reduction in desertification and soil erosion, increased food production and availability of food, better climate, social stability, to mention a few.

Learn more about Better Globe and see how you can start receiving by giving your support to Africa!

Log on to www.betterglobe.com/13970 and join!

Email me: Audun @ Better-Globe.no

Better Globe, The World’s Best Sustainable “Charity” based on profitable business ventures. Better Globe and Africa need your help too - the sooner the better!

The content of this page has been audited and exclusively approved by Better Globe AS

Go green with Better Globe in Africa by Doing good AND Making Money through tree planting and socially responsible green investments and "charity"!




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Better Globe tree planting project in Sosoma, Kenya
Better Globe is preparing to start a major tree planting project in a 60.000 hectare semi arid area not suitable for food production in Sosoma. Both an “Environment Impact Assessment Study” and a “Water Drilling Study” has been conducted as part of the ongoing preparations.  The first trees to be planted are expected to be Mukau and Acacia Senegal.
Child Africa has already donated four 10.000 litre water tanks to a disadvantaged school, Mboty Primary School, close by.
Better Globe members are expected to be able to see their trees grow on the plantation through the use of designated coordinates in Google Earth.
Help Better Globe make a difference: www.providehelp.com

Receiving by giving
Better Globe are by many rightfully associated with the message of books, videos and other material about the law of attraction, the most famous being "The Secret". By encompassing charity, philanthrocapitalism and social investing through tree donations, water donations, donations to Child Africa, donations to micro finance for poor African farmers, socially responsible green investments and other support in Africa, Better Globe brings a new concept of hope for poor Africans. Join Better Globe and become active in the donation program and you are truly embracing the movement needed to prevent hunger and poverty in Africa. In Better Globe you will always be receiving by giving
to those who need it the most!

Better Globe Forestry
Better Globe Forestry takes care of the trees you purchase for 20 years from purchase date.
In 2008 Better Globe Forestry signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) in the area of cooperation in developing industrialized planting of Mukau in Kenya. This means that Better Globe have the full support of their knowledge, laboratories and research facilities in Kenya.

Better Globe tree planting expertise
Jan Van den Abeele has been the Executive Director of  Better Globe Forestry since August 2006. Jan is a Belgian forester / agronomist who has more than 29 years of experience within tree planting in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. His long experience in Africa makes him one of the leading forestry people in Africa, especially for East-Africa. His expertise will also be used in the other areas where Better Globe Forestry will concentrate its work. Jan Van den Abeele has in addition gained vast experience with water management and irrigation techniques. And he has carried through many tree planting- and similar projects in different developing countries.

Better Globe tree planting magazine
In November 2008 Jean-Paul Deprins, managing director for Better Globe Forestry in Kenya, launched the new East African magazine "MITI" which means "trees" in Swahili. This is a tree business magazine which will teach the readers in Kenya and Uganda all they need to know about how to make money with trees and why trees are so important for the African continent. Better Globe Forestry is now known to practically all forestry related people in Kenya and has a very good reputation there. By launching the Tree magazine "MITI", Better Globe Forestry will be even more recognised the coming years. Forestry experts from Kenya Forestry Service (KFS), the Kenyan government’s Forestry Department, are regular writers for MITI. And in July 2009 Better Globe achieved official recognition through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kenya Forestry Service. Better Globe's tree planting strategy is seen as an important component in the build up of Kenya’s forests the coming years.