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www.Spirulina-Benefits-Health.com is an information website about spirulina. We do not have our own spirulina brand or online store that sells spirulina supplements. We will however be recommending some online stores that you can buy high quality spirulina from, together with complimentary natural supplements and eco-friendly products. We do believe that human and environmental health goes hand-in-hand.

Contact Spirulina-Benefits-Health.com by email:

Email: contact @ spirulina-benefits-health.com
Better Globe email: Audun @ Better-Globe-Trees.com
Please include contact information and we also appreciate if you can mention how your found our page. We usually get back to you within 48 hours or less by email, phone or skype (please state preference).

Buy high quality spirulina supplements online:

On Better-Globe-Trees.com's eco-friendly shopping page you find different online shops that sell spirulina and at least one of the shops offer a $5 discount and deliver health supplements to over 100 countires.

In addition you find green gift ideas, organic products, other superfoods and complementary health supplements like natural and unprocessed omega 3 oils from sustainably wild caught krill and fish (Norwegian supplement).  Omega 3 makes a great addition to spirulina and help boost the immune system while reducing inflammation. But to really get immune health benefits yeast beta glucans are perfect with spirulina (and omega 3) if you want your immune system to work at top capacity without overstimulating the immune response. An optimal immune defence is our best health insurance in our day to day stress and to secure a long and healthy life.

Support tree planting and social change

Purchases through https://www.Better-Globe-Tree.com also help support our effort to support Better Globe's mission to plant one tree for every person on earth, and to reduce extreme poverty in East Africa by focusing on agriculture, education and tree planting in arid and semi arid lands (ASAL).




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