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The Magic Food

When doing research about the spirulina algae, also known as one of the "superfoods", we were lucky enough to come across a scientific article on spirulina called "SPIRULINA: The Magic Food" by Genene Tefera, DVM, PhD from the Microbial Genetic Resources Department at the Institute of Biodiversity Conservation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

"SPIRULINA: The Magic Food" was so well-written and thorough that we immediately knew that this was what we would like to convey about spirulina superfood and the many potential health benefits of spirulina!

04.02.09 we contacted the Institute of Biodiversity Conservation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, through their website www.ibc-et.org, and got their approval to use "SPIRULINA: The Magic Food" on our website as long as the content would not be altered. Thanks to this most generous gesture you can now learn everything you need to know about spirulina superfood and the potential medicinal uses of this super healthy alga.

We have split "SPIRULINA: The Magic Food" into different pages in chronological order all accredited the author. The spirulina article ends on the page “Spirulina health benefits”. No content has been added and you can read "SPIRULINA: The Magic food" in its entirety.

The text on the right side of the article is our information about spirulina benefits and some selected spirulina supplements for optimum health. We want to make it absolutely clear that the spirulina supplements we are informing you about on our pages have no affiliation or approval from neither the author of "SPIRULINA: The Magic Food", or the Institute of Biodiversity Conservation in Ethiopia. The Institute of Biodiversity Conservation have only allowed us to share their article on spirulina and spirulina health benefits on our webpage.

Any page that is accredited to Genene Tefera, DVM, PhD from the Microbial Genetic Resources Department, Institute of Biodiversity Conservation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a part of "SPIRULINA: The Magic Food". All right side supporting text, and the text on pages not accredited Genene Tefera, DVM, PhD is our information.

Learn more about spirulina superfood, healthy spirulina supplements and Better Globe's treeplanting efforts to help Africa with education, jobs, deforestation, water etc. You may also order spirulina products we are informing about from the external webshops listed on the page "Effective spirulina supplements".


We hope you enjoy Spirulina SuperFood!

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Spirulina: The Magic Food
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Spirulina supplements
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Spirulina benefits
Spirulina is touted as “superfood” due to its unsurpassed nutritional composition and carries an impressive list of the potential health benefits: Combats various forms of malnutrition, boosts the immune system, protects against cancer, supports detoxification, increases overall energy level, fights infections, counters obesity, relieves stress and milder depressions etc. Through this website we hope to show you how spirulina superfood can give you and your family lifelong health benefits.